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Heat transfer film -- a new type of heat transfer process medium material is widely loved

Issuing time:2021-08-21 16:38

Now many people are tired of gray walls, lifeless and lifeless. They like to buy some new ceramic tiles for furniture decoration. In fact, many furniture are made with heat transfer film. Heat transfer film is actually a medium material of heat transfer technology. It has a wide range of uses. Let me introduce this magical material to you today

The heat transfer film mainly separates the protective layer and pattern layer from the polyester substrate in the process of heat transfer, in which the combined action of heat and pressure is cleverly used to make the hot-melt adhesive bond the whole decorative layer with the substrate. The heat transfer film is also lined with polyethylene film, printed with wood grain decorative layer on the paper, and applied to the transfer foil by factors such as temperature and pressure, Then it is transferred to the surface of wood-based panel or furniture components to make exquisite decorative furniture. In addition, these furniture printed with exquisite patterns do not have to worry about its quality. Because the heat transfer film makes them have good adhesion, the surface of these furniture is not only wear-resistant, heat-resistant and light-resistant, but also has novel design, fresh and generous, and various forms, Small color difference, widely used in furniture decoration and design

Moreover, the application fields of heat transfer film products of heat transfer film are also very many. We often use wood plastic door panels, medium and high-density plate door panels, European style cabinet, etc. with the cooperation of heat transfer film, the lines of these products are clear and realistic, they are not easy to be corroded after long-term use, have a long service life, and are mothproof and mildew proof. In terms of color, It can also be customized according to individual needs, with rich colors, so that the decorative products have their own personality elements and reflect their own style

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